• Are not "diets"
  • Encourage a change in behavior for a healthier way of life
  • Use a unique software program developed by an internationally recognized registered dietitian which allows us to create a scientifically formulated and completely personalized meal plan that generates real results
  • Provide all necessary weight management tools and education, with the ultimate goal of helping you become fully independent of any support and assistance
  • Are based on the American Diabetes Association "Exchange" (to keep blood sugar levels even, and metabolism charged)
  • Are designed to increase lean muscle, get rid of body fat, and dramatically reduce the risk of developing a myriad of diseases
  • Will enhance and compliment the benefits of any exercise program
  • Do not involve drastic reduction in calories or eliminating food groups (usually involve MORE calories) and you choose your own food
  • Are designed to fit your lifestyle, so they can be sustained forever (includes recipes, shopping and travel tips, advice for people on-the-go)
  • Are based on real science that actually works – no more fad diets that only wreak havoc on metabolism, with unsustainable results


"Within one year 95% of people who lose weight at a weight loss clinic regain all or even more weight than when they started...and lose lean body mass."
Fred Hatfield, Ph.D., MSS

"Body weight alone (what the scale says) is not a definitive assessment of good body composition. Even after losing weight, you might still be considered over-fat. This occurs when the weight you lose comes predominantly from muscle and not from fat. A diet program involving a large reduction in calories typically results in more muscle loss than fat loss. A healthy body composition program, like the Wellness Now nutrition plan, helps you lose weight the right way - by getting rid of fat and preserving muscle. A higher ratio of muscle-to-fat increases your body’s metabolic rate, enabling your body to effectively burn more calories each day (even at rest) which contributes to your long-term success!"
Laura Scala, CPT, WMS
Owner/President, Wellness Now, LLC
"Several times over the past six years, I have encountered a client that needed additional education and support to help them improve their everyday nutrition. Each time that occurred, I recommended to my client that they contact Laura Scala of Wellness Now. And neither I, nor my clients, have been disappointed with their outcomes. If you are in the market for a nutritional counselor, I highly recommend Laura and her associates."
Daniel I. Sheff
IFPA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Owner of Cosmic Fitness, LLC, Buffalo, NY
"Wellness Now provided me with an invaluable strategy to get healthy and fit. The nutrition plan can be maintained for long periods of time which truly demonstrates its potential for success. It can be easily modified to accommodate for lifestyle changes including pregnancy. I am sincerely happy to have worked with Laura."
Kelly Truong, DDS
Crosspoint Dentistry, Amherst, NY

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